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Let Your Skin Breath with OxyGeneo Perfect Summer Treatment

April 29, 2019



There is a new treatment on the market women everywhere are flocking too. You may have heard it referred to as the “Super Facial”. This three in one treatment exfoliates, oxygenates, and bathes skin with extraordinary, skin changing ingredients.  With noticeable results after only one session this new treatment is great for most skin types and will not disappoint. It gently brightens, softens and smooths the skin. This miracle treatment has a name; OxyGeneo.


OxyGeneo provides a unique approach to facial treatments achieving brilliant results. Unlike other technologies and facials, OxyGeneo uses natural oxygen from within your body, resulting in an effective treatment and instant results.




What is OxyGeneo?

Oxygen is essential to our skin. Without it we can say goodbye to glowing, youthful appearance. Even though oxygen is floating around you all day, it is unable to penetrate the skin on its own. You can obtain oxygen through drinking oxygen (O2) in the form of water (H2O), or by simply breathing!


The treatment provides your face with much needed oxygen. OxyGeneo rids your skin of impurities, strengthens your skin's elasticity and helps to soften and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This is a therapeutic treatment using highly concentrated oxygen, vitamins and nutrients. It leaves your skin rejuvenated and revitalized. Oxygen is used after microdermabrasion to accelerate the healing process.


OxyGeneo mostly uses oxygen already stored inside your body by bringing it to the surface for a glow that can’t be obtained through other methods.   OxyGeneo treatment simultaneously exfoliates, oxygenates and infuses nutrient-rich products deep into the skin. There is no downtime, no pain, and results are seen immediately.


Advantages of OxyGeneo Treatment

Aliques’ OxyGeneo treatment includes an application of nutrient-rich gel onto the skin. Gel of this class provides extra comfort and cleansing.  The OxyGeneo process does not involve any harsh vacuum suction.  Vacuums used on the skin can increases the risk of dilating small capillaries on the face which can cause redness. We don’t want that!


You will enjoy the gentle massaging feel of OxyGeneo as it feels more comfortable than a regular microdermabrasion.





The three phases of an OxyGeneo treatment are:

  • Exfoliation: OxyGeneo exfoliates the skin by removing the top-most layer of dead skin cells. This is similar to a gentle microdermabrasion. Exfoliation helps the skin absorb the ingredients that will make it healthy.

  • Skin rejuvenation: It infuses the skin with active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidants (just like the first generation of oxygen facials).

  • Oxygenation: It produces carbon dioxide bubbles that gently burst on the skin's surface, which then stimulates oxygen-rich blood flow to the area and greater absorption of the active products.


​After your OxyGeneo treatment, your skin will receive many instant benefits that will continue to improve with a series of treatments. Some benefits include:


  • Brighter skin appearance

  • Fresher looking skin

  • Even skin tone

  • Improved pigmentation

  • Enriched skin where there was  sun damage

  • Decreased fine lines

  • Less acne

Immediately after treatment, the skin will feel softer and smoother. Your skin will be energized, renewed, and gorgeous after just one OxyGeneo treatment facial.


How OxyGeneo is different from a regular oxygen facial

Original oxygen facials consisted of a stream of pressurized oxygen and serum forced onto the face.  This method is not as effective because the oxygen is unable to penetrate deeply, causing the results to last for only a short time.


OxyGeneo works quite differently. Because the top dead layer of skin acts as a barrier to the absorption of product, it must be removed. Exfoliation is the key to removing this dead layer of skin.  After removing this barrier, a non-suction vibrating tool buffs the skin. The vacuum style wands used in regular oxygen facials can be irritating due to the suction involved.


This process uses a specialized capsule at the end of the exfoliating wand. This is where your high school chemistry class comes in handy. The special capsule on the wand is made of sodium bicarbonate, magnesium, and citric acid. The gel applied to your face interacts with these chemicals and causes the creation of carbon dioxide bubbles. These bubbles cause oxygen-rich blood to go to the surface of the skin. The interaction of the ingredients on your skin feels truly delightful. The OxyGeneo wand is extremely gentle. This allows it to be used on the thin, delicate areas of the skin like those around the nose, eyes, and mouth.


Compared to the regular oxygen facial, the OxyGeneo is a quicker process. The treatment is delivered in a harmless and non-irritating method, only taking 30 minutes to complete. 





How Often Can I Have An OxyGeneo™ Treatment?

The frequency of your treatments will depend on your skin condition and your desires.  Aliques may recommend more frequent treatments for some.   After your skin has improved, you can maintain your results with an OxyGeneo treatment once every 4-6 weeks. We will help you determine the best treatment options for your needs.


You will look and feel amazing after this anti-aging facial in Town and Country, Missouri. Call or visit Alique’s Skin and Body Transformation today for a consultation.

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