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The ABC's of UV Radiation

May 8, 2019



Summer will soon be at our fingertips. The season of lying by the pool with your favorite book, soaking up the sun on your beachside vacation, or gathering with your family for a hot backyard cookout. Here come all the outdoor activities many of us look forward to! After wearing layers and having to warm up our cars each morning, this warmth of summers touch is what we have all been longing for.  But, in return, this also means more exposure to the sun. Just how much do you know about the damaging affects sunlight has our skin?


Sun Myths
There are many false beliefs about the dangers of the sun. These lies are not to be taken lightly if you are serious about healthy skin. Who knows where the myths originated from, but they are too common excuses for obtaining a guiltless sun kissed tan. A few of these “excuses” or myths include:


  • It is not possible to get sunburnt on windy, cloudy or cool days.

  • If your cosmetics contain sunscreen you do not need to use sunscreen.

  • People with olive skin are not at risk of skin cancer.

  • Solariums are a safe way to get a base tan to start off the summer.

  • People need plenty of sun exposure to avoid vitamin D deficiency.

  • A fake tan darkens the skin so that means your skin is protected from the sun.

  • You don’t have to be concerned about skin cancer because if it happens you will see it and it is easy to treat.

  • Only sunbathers get skin cancer.

  • If you tan but don’t burn, you don’t need to bother with sun protection.

  • You can’t get burnt in the car or through a window.



Read them again, and remember they are not true. Too much exposure to the sun without proper protection can lead to dangerous or unpleasant side effects. It is important to always apply proper Broadband Spectrum Protection.

What protects my skin?

Prolonged sun damage causes an alteration of the skin. UV radiation damages the skin's fibers causing a decrease in collagen and elasticity. Without these two characteristics, our skin will begin to appear weary and aged.  Exposure also leads to the formation of wrinkles, sun spots, and uneven skin texture, among other forms of premature skin aging and skin damage.

To avoid these problems, it is important to purchase products with not only UV protection, but Broadband spectrum SPF. There are different types of UV rays that damage our skin, though the Broadband Spectrum SPF products, as the ones sold at Aliques, protects the skin from all types of UV rays that can lead to pre-mature aging.



Facial Sunscreen Vs. Body Sunscreen: Does it Matter?

The manufacturing of two different products is not just a marketing gimmick. There actually is a difference between face and body sunscreens. Our facial skin is commonly more sensitive to irritation than body skin.  Facial formulas have been created to cause less irritation and not cause acne. If you have ever used sunscreen on your face, followed by an uncomfortable reaction, it may have not been meant for your face. 

Body sunscreens may include alcohol, which is very drying and irritating for facial skin. But if you don’t have any facial sunscreen on hand, a little temporary irritation is a lot less permanent than a sunspot! But next time you visit the store, leave with facial and body sunscreen. And don’t forget the lip balm with SPF as well. We can’t forget to protect our lips.

Incidental Sun Exposure

Incidental Sun Exposure occurs when you are exposed to sunlight without even thinking about it. This happens when you take a quick lunch outside, walk a few blocks to the coffee shop, or even as you sit at your desk neat a window in your office.

You may not be thinking about the fact that your skin is at risk of being damaged during these brief moments, but it is. In fact, incidental sun exposure occurs year-round, even on a cloudy days because our skin is constantly exposed to UV rays and visible light during the daytime.

Although we often relate sunbathing for hours to the idea of skin damage, though incidental exposure to sunlight accounts for 80% of our total sun exposure, and is the cause of around 90% of the UV damage on our skin. The damage quickly adds up to premature aging (fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and uneven skin tone) and serious cases of skin cancer. 

Aliques Products That Protect Your Skin

Aliques Skin and Body Transformation has several products that focus on keeping the skin healthy and turning back time. We are pleased to share our Lira line of SPF 30 products that can help you stay sheltered from the harmful summer rays. A few products you may want to try include:

Solar Shield 30 Oil-Free with PSC: If you want to shield your skin from harmful sun damage, try this light-weight and essential UVA/UVB protection. This anti-aging moisturizer rejuvenates and strengthens with a silky matte finish.  All skin conditions except Dry Skin.

SPF Solar Shield 30 Classic Tint: This essential daily moisturizer with SPF 30 is for all skin types. It delivers refreshing and nourishing ingredients for skin protection and repair. This classic also provides a healthy glow with beautiful tinted coverage.  All skin conditions except oily/acne

SPF Solar Shield 30 Hydrating: The essential daily moisturizer with SPF 30 for normal to dry skin types is sure to leave you looking radiant. It hydrates with an array of nourishing botanicals and protects skin with powerful antioxidants.  This is for those with dry skin.  



BB Ambré 30 with PSC : As an all-in-one beauty revolution, our BB Crèmes can be used as your daily moisturizer, SPF 30 sun protection and full coverage flawless foundation. They are full of anti-aging ingredients, are anti-inflammatory and promote healing making them the perfect solution for sensitive skin and use after resurfacing treatments. Ambré is only one of the 7 tints available at Aliques. This is for the Women On The Go who wants that Glow! This product is an Aliques favorite.  

Using sunscreen daily and reapplying is the key to keep the skin looking young. Proper sun protection on a daily basis should be your number one priority to fight the signs of aging. Visit our site or call Aliques today to purchase your SPF products or make an appointment to improve skin that is already sun damaged. 



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