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Tips and #1 Products to Fight Wintery Dry Skin


What causes dry skin?


Moisture escapes our skin when it does not have enough protective oils. When there isn’t enough water in the outermost layer of your skin, it becomes dry and flakey. This effect can intensify during the winter because humidity is low during these months. If you're looking for remedies for dry skin, check this list of dehydrators first to find out if one of your daily habits is to blame for your parched skin.
A few causes of dry skin include:

•    Taking hot showers
•    Taking long showers
•    Rubbing down with a towel to dry 
•    Using fancy high fragrance cleanser
•    Not drinking 8 ounces of water

Dry skin isn’t just annoying, it is unhealthy


Dry skin may not seem like a big deal on its own. But it’s connected with several minor health problems that can interfere with your daily life. Dry skin may lead to:

•    Irritating itchiness
•    Patches of thickened, rough skin
•    Painful cracks in your skin on face and body
•    Dermatitis, which involves red, inflamed, and scaly skin
•    Eczema, which can appear as round, scaly, itchy, and red patches on your skin
•    Bacterial infection


Using a year round skin care routine may seem to work until the humidity drops. Without that extra moisture in the air fine lines and wrinkles become more noticeable. Dry skin can become so extreme your skin may crack and bleed; this is common on the lip area.


How Do I Treat my Dry Skin?


There are several strategies you should consider following to gain healthier looking and hydrated skin. Your skin will be thanking you for making these techniques your routine skincare regimen.


First, stop taking hot showers in the winter:  When trying to rehydrate your skin, it may seem like a good idea to soak in lots of water. We imagine our pores opening up from the heat and allowing the water to moisten our skin. But this is NOT what happens.  Water can actually make dry skin worse, especially if you bathe in hot, soapy water. 


Too much washing can strip the protective oils from the pores of your skin, leaving it dry. Using warm water is usually OK. Using Lira Clinical iLuminating Beauty Oil to indulge your facial skin with a hydrating oil that lasts all day long will improve your youthful appearance much quicker.




Less Hand Sanitizer and Soap: Using hand sanitizers often can also cause your skin to dry out. Use soap and hand sanitizers sparingly. Only apply soap in the regions needed, such as the underarms, groin area, and your feet. This may seem like an odd suggestion, though the rest of your skin is rarely dirty and does not secrete body odors. Choosing mild, fragrance-free soaps is ideal as they cause less drying.


Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize:  Skin moisturizers are important tools in your fight against dry skin. The right moisturizers can help you treat and prevent dry skin. Applying oils such as the iLuminating Beauty oil, just after a bath, will help the moisture seep into the facial skin. However, placing lotion onto dry skin will not help at all, other than a temporary appearance change.


Unfortunately, high quality moisturizers are difficult to find in drug stores. Aliques Skin and Body Transformation offers Lira Clinical Bio Caviar Crème which helps restore skins beauty with its hydrating power.


Avoid direct heat: Try staying warm without cozying right up to a fireplace. Sitting in front of an open flame or other heat source can dry your skin. Our cars are the greatest culprits. As we warm our vehicles, they reach that cozy temperature where we just want to cherish every second of hot air before we have to step back into the cold. Do not allow your car to become a sauna on your morning commute, because your skin will pay the price.


Wear lip balm: Choose a lip balm that feels good on your lips and also contains healing effects. Lip factor by Lira Clinical helps to keep lips hydrated and restores moisture for softer, fuller and supple lips. Some store bought lip balms can irritate your lips. Lip factor contains oils (jojoba and avocado) and vitamins (C and E) that are natural and restorative.

Your skin should start to feel better quickly as you change these small factors throughout your day. Don’t be a victim to the evil winter, it’s out to get your skin, causing fine lines, cracks, and flakes. Follow these suggestions and you will be going into the Christmas holiday with glowing youthful skin.  Enjoy our 25% OFF Sale on other beautiful Lira Clinical Products.  You deserve the best and so does your skin!  Happy Holidays!


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