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Fall: The Chemical Peels Favorite Season

Your skin is one of your biggest assets and the first thing people see when they look at you. When your skin is healthy and glowing, not only will you look better, you will also feel better about yourself as well! We could all use a little boost in confidence once in a while, don’t you think? 




Why Chemical Peels?


Facial peels are a special treatment for the skin, just like dieting and exercise is a treatment for the body.  Though, every season isn’t the best season for facial peels. The sun’s rays during the summer months are closer and more damaging to the skin.


Right after undergoing a chemical peel, your skin will be temporarily more sensitive to sunlight. That is why the best time to get a chemical peel is in the fall and winter months when the weather is cooler, days are shorter, and the sun is not so relentless.


When, How many, Why?


In fact, getting a chemical peel in the winter prepares your skin for the warmer months so that your recovery process is complete by the time it is the season of doing yard work and hitting the beach. One chemical peel alone will provide results, temporarily. For the most affective, long term skin recovery, and results, it is suggested by skin professionals around the world to obtain a series of 6 chemical peels, which are spread out along a period of time.


Aliques Skin Transformation is now holding a special on this highly sought after chemical peel process. Packages of six chemical peels (normally $570.00), when booked in the Month of November, are now $456.00. That is over $100 off from an already very low price for these professional facial peels.  There are a plethora of peels to choose from, or you may choose to have one of each, then do your favorite one again for the 6th and final peel.


The Peels offered include:


Lactic Clear - This peel is a perfect choice for pigmented, sun damages, and dehydrated skin that needs correcting. This treatment hydrates and evens the skin tone. Lactic Clear is perfect for all skin types and includes plant stem cells for cell repair.  

Hydroxy 30 Refresh – This peel focuses on the fine lines and wrinkles while evening the texture and pigmentation of the skin. Hydroxy 30 stimulates the skin cells for a thoroughly brighter complexion and includes retinol blends and antioxidants which help in the skins healing process. 

Sal Pulp – This peel is a tropical treatment that brightens the skin while reducing acne and scars. While this peel is loaded with antioxidants, it’s advanced peptides and plant stem cells help rejuvenate the skin to beauty. Sal Pulp is perfect for mature skin looking for a youthful appearance.  

Beta Plus – This peel offers a resurfacing treatment for oily and acne prone skin. Beta Plus tightens skin and diminishes fine lines while reducing the appearance of pigmentation and acne scarring. It encourages the regeneration of the skin by producing new cells and collagen fibers.


Green Power – This natural herbal exfoliator awakens acne prone and oily skin and is effective for treating the appearance of scars and hyperpigmentation. Green power peel is packed with enzymes that help reach maximum exfoliation.


Which healing approach will you choose for your facial peel combination? Call (314) 258-5990 or visit Aliques Skin Transformation today for more information on your path healthier skin and more confidence!





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