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Get that Fall Glow from Pumpkin and Ginger Facials

Fall is in the air and that one aroma and flavor we all sit in waiting for has arrived….Pumpkin! We sprinkle pumpkin spice in our coffee, we buy it in candles and lotions, why not put it on our faces too. It may sound absurd, though pumpkins are loaded with a number of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for our overall health and can provide a number of beauty benefits. Pumpkin spice facials are available at Aliques Skin & Body Transformation to booth nourishment in the skin with antioxidants with its Vitamins A and C benefits. This facial, packed with Pumpkin enzymes, will exfoliate and reduce oil buildup while enjoy the wonderful smell of pumpkin spice that is so widely adored. The mixture will dissolve dead skin cells and nourish the skin resulting in a beautiful, healthy glow for fall!


 How to Get the Best Results


Like with other types of facials, best results come from more than one treatment. Alternating the Pumpkin Spice facial with a Vanilla Ginger Facial, or a Pumpkin Latte Facial for a weekly treatment, will result in a faster glow and skin has stronger healing abilities.  Making a weekly appointment for six weeks will be the best thing you could do for your skin to prepare for the cooler weather and dryer skin to come. Prevent the winter skin woes with added benefit of this Mix of facials that containing beta-carotene, a vitamin A-derivative that decreases wrinkles, helps slough brown spots and can help reverse UV damage.


The Beauty Benefits of Pumpkin and Ginger


Ginger Vanilla facials create an aromatic environment that relaxes your body and senses. These spices refine pores, exfoliate skin, and create anti-aging enzymes that brighten the skin.  The added vanilla is a powerful hydrating agent that fights that dry cracking skin and lips we often experience during the winter months to come.


Pumpkin’s fruit acids eliminate dead skin cells, increase cell reproduction and keep the skin glowing.  Not to mention Pumpkin is filled with Zinc, also known as natures best healing agent for its acne-preventing and skin-healing abilities. The Pumpkin Facial is loaded with vitamin C, which helps fight sun damage and free radicals on the skin, preventing aging, wrinkles and brown spots.  Vitamin A is another pumpkin benefit which helps minimizes acne scars.



To take advantage of the countless beauty benefits of fall’s favorite fruit call or visit today for smoother younger looking skin by increasing the rate of cell renewal. Aliques Skin & Body Transformation is one facility that can help. Book your free skin consultation today to find out the best treatment for you! Or better yet – purchase your package of six weekly treatment package for a 40% Savings.  Call Aliques Skin and Body Transformation today!  (314) 258-5990. 



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