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Cellulite Removal Through Chinese Cupping Therapy at Home


When Michael Phelps exited the pool, during the 2016 summer Olympics, displaying a geometric pattern of circles covering his back, most of us would have never imagined that this odd looking skin ritual would ever become so popular. However only two years have passed, and cupping is one of the most popular holistic wellness procedures thought to cure many ailments. In fact, due to the celebrities who have sported these “cupping circles” on the Red Carpet, it has become a trend. 


What is Cupping? 


Cupping is a 200 year old eastern therapy based on the belief that certain health problems can be caused by stagnant blood and energy flow through the body. Not only does it help blood flow, it aids with inflammation, relaxation, mental and physical well-being, and also can be used as a different form of deep tissue massage. While most massages push muscle fibers together in order to release tension, cupping uses a vacuum technique to lift the muscles fibers using an opposite pressure so oxygenated blood is quickly drawn to the area rather than compressed and pushed away. The result may appear to be a bruise on your skin, however because no trauma has been placed on your body/skin this is not a bruise.  The discoloring disappears after a few days.

Even though many holistic wellness centers or websites will suggest the older method of heating glass cups, sometimes with a needle in the middle,  used with a pump to create suction on the surface of the skin.  But today this therapy can be done with silicone cups in the comfort of your own home.  



How does can it illuminate Cellulite?


Chances are, if you suffer from cellulite on your arms or legs, it controls your life and lowers your self-confidence.  Cellulite is simply fat under the skin that has gathered among the skin tissues and portrays a dimpled appearance on the skin.  This is a common issue in women who are over 30, inactive, have poor blood circulation, have a family history of cellulite, or it can be related to hormone imbalance. It is most common on the upper thighs and buttocks, though it can be found on the arms and stomach areas as well. A few ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite include eliminating added sugar from your diet, losing weight, and taking on a healthy and active lifestyle.



Cupping helps to reduce, and in some cases eliminate, the appearance of cellulite. Not the type of cupping where you place the objects on your legs and leave them, resulting in the “circles”, but rather a gliding method of cupping. Cupping stretches and relaxes the hardened muscle tissue as well as the fat tissue that is compiled underneath the skin. This pulling of tissue increases their elasticity and stimulates the flow of nutrient-rich blood through the skin, gets rid of fluid retention that creates the cellulite appearance, and stimulates the flow of lymphatic drainage. This detoxification of the body is a natural process which is simply sped up by the cupping procedure.


What do I need?


Woman everywhere are using the at home cellulite removal cupping with only two simple components needed: Silicone Cups, which can be ordered online, and Olive Oil.


The first thing you will need to do is lather olive oil, or other oil of choice (baby oil etc), all around the area containing cellulite. After squeezing and attaching the cup onto the oiled area, you will feel a pulling sensation. The amount of pull will be different depending on the amount of suction you have applied. If it is so tight it brings discomfort, you can release some of the suction. You will then glide the attached cup in a circular or “s” motion over your cellulite area for about 5-10 minutes. This motion may bring some pain, similar to a deep tissue massage.

Using a medium amount of suction for a 5 minute massage should not leave the appearance of bruising after this process because the cup is not sitting in one place. However if you try to do this without oil, you will most likely see bruising, because the cup will not glide across the area with ease.


Cellulite appearance reduces immediately after the cupping and continues to improve over the following hours. Many women do this ritual at night before going to bed as a relaxation technique, while some do it just before going out. Cupping your legs 3-5 times per week will help to reduce your cellulite and improve blood flow much faster. Purchase your cups today and stop worrying about those dimples.

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