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Turn Back Your Aging Clock with SOMADERM Gel


Growing older is inevitable no matter how desperately we try to avoid it.  After 30, aging is often a process that brings on pain in unfamiliar places, lack of energy, and regret for how we treated our body in our younger years. We watch our faces and bodies change as our skin wrinkles, fat begins storing in new areas, and our hair thins and grows dull.  Our busy lifestyle usually comes with a side of weight gain due to our fast food diets or quick processed meals at home and little time to exercise.  Even when we try to maintain a workout regimen, our aging bones and muscles weaken making us more prone to injury and leaving us unable to work out for days or weeks at a time while recovering. But worst of all, no matter how much coffee we drink, our energy level plummet after age 30 making all other tasks more difficult than they were in our younger days.


Why Does Aging Occur?


We are all born with a hormone whose specific job is to allow growth, cell reproduction, and provide your cells with the energy needed to grow. At around 20 years of age, this hormone peaks, which is why you feel your best, most energetic, and strongest around this age. Then at the age of 25, this hormone slows down its work drastically. This hormone is called your Human Growth Hormone (HGH).  Once this aging process begins, this human growth hormone continues to slowly decline for the rest of your life. Due to this unfortunate part of aging, cell regeneration can no longer occur fast enough to allow you to look and feel as young and energized as before.




How Can You Reverse This Process?



What if I told you there was a way to increase your human growth hormone by spreading a gel cream over your skin? Believe it or not there is a way to obtain an increase in your HGH through applying a product made here in the United States and registered with the FDA. New U Life’s SOMADERM Gel is the only transdermal gel containing Homeopathic human growth hormone which stimulates bone and muscle growth as well as a long list of other anti-aging benefits. SOMADERM Gel users have experienced an increase in stamina, enhanced libido, improved immune function, elevated mood, loss of fat and an increase in lean muscle. Users have also experienced hair growth from thinning hair as well as stronger and healthier nails. 


What are The Benefits?


Clinical human studies have shown that the continued use of human growth hormone, like those in SOMADERM, has proven to offer incredible results in a few months. During the first month you may experience increased stamina, energy, and sleep with vivid dreams. By the second month you will notice improved muscle definition and strength as well as weight loss. Many also experience heightened libido, healthier skin, and improved vision. As the former benefits continue to improve by the third month you will notice enhanced focus, healthy hair and nail growth, enhanced muscle mass, greater flexibility and joint mobility, increased sexual desire, reduction of some PMS or menopausal symptoms. Benefits continue to improve and become more consistent. After using the product for an entire 4 months, you may see significant weight loss, greater improvements in the texture and appearance of your skin, reduction of the appearance of wrinkles, and hair will come to be healthier and thicker.


Sticking with the product is important especially if you want ultimate results. Individuals who make it to the 6th month of SOMADERM usage usually watch their cellulite diminish significantly and grayed hair may begin to return to your natural color. By now you should be experiencing an  improved immune system, pain and soreness should diminishes, wounds will be healing quicker,  your cholesterol has been reduced significantly, your blood pressure normalizes, and your heart rate improves.


How to Use the Product


Because the gel is transdermal, which means it seeps through the skin, you should always apply SOMADERM Gel to the thin areas of skin, wherever veins are visible. This will ensure that SOMADERM Gel will be transported directly into the bloodstream.  A few good locations to apply SOMADERM Gel would include your underarms, forearms, wrists, and behind the knees.


How do I Purchase SOMADERM?


SOMADERM Gel can be purchased online and delivered right to your front door. If you want to turn back the clocks on your body, gaining energy and a youthful feel and look, try the product today. For more information on purchasing SOMADERM and a more detailed ingredient listing visit my New U Life page today.





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