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What’s the Best Regimen for Milia?

Milia is a “hydration Issue” rather than an “exfoliation issue". Excessive exfoliation on milia isn’t productive.   You best option for skincare products that individual who have Milia should be using is Ageless Hydrating Serum morning and night.


Here’s an explanation of milia:

We have bi-layers in our skin.  They are made up of oil and water.  We’re supposed to have the proper balance of oil and water among our skin.  A lot of us are walking around with not enough water in our skin.  One reason is we don’t drink enough water to get enough water from our dermis.  Another reason is that we live in a dry environment where there could be a lot of trans-epidermal water loss.  Think about the “main” area you see milia – it’s the eye area, right?  It’s thin tissue/skin and trans-epidermal water loss could be great in those areas.  If we walk around with a lack of water in our skin, the oil will start to crystallize into milia.


We have the Ageless Skin Hydrating Serum.  Number 1 – it is a hyaluronic acid serum to bind more water topically.  It also has an ingredient called sphingolipids – this ingredient will bind or emulsify the oil and water in our skin to create a bond to hold more water to create that proper balance of oil and water.


If you have has milia, start using the Ageless Skin Hydrating Serum morning and night. 


Hopefully within 4 weeks the milia should be much easier to extract when you come back for your next monthly skincare maintenance treatment. 


About 8 weeks later, the milia should begin to resolve itself and go away along with monthly skincare treatment - the Coconut/Papaya Enzyme treatment is perfect for this condition.  Book an appointment today and get rid of that nasty Milia.  


This Ageless Hydrating Serum also works great for acneic skin.  We have natural enzymes (glycosidase and proteases) among our skin cells that that break apart desmosomes to allow for the natural shedding of our skin cells.  If we are walking around with low water among our skin cells, we are going to have cells that stick together and not desquamate, hence acne or excess keratinization.  I believe one of the first and foremost jobs as esthetician is to kick in the natural exfoliation rate and that will include the Ageless Hydrating Serum.



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