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New warning about charcoal facial masks

March 18, 2018


Just another reason for you to get treatments done by a professional esthetician. 


You may have friends who do this and the trend is gaining steam.


We’re talking about face masks made up of charcoal and glue.


Deanna Wickey, Esthetician, Skincare Trainer & Educator, St. Louis, MO warns all you DIYers.  


This product is cheap, contains some type of charcoal and glue. And it does pull everything off your skin, including the dirt that clogs pores.


But it’s pulling way too much off your face.


It sticks in such a way that it has to be ripped off, taking with it a protective layer of skin. This is very dangerous for those who use Retinol, skin exfoliating products.  You can risk infection, scaring and more leaving your skin an a very serious vulnerable state.  


If you feel that you need exfoliation you can purchase from Aliques Skin & Body Transformation, but it is very important to have a consultation first with a licensed professional.  


But stop messing around with the do-it-yourself versions which include glue.  Stop trying to say money - you only have one face! Shop online for quality skin care products online

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